Development of African cinema: CERAV / Africa looking for the best formula

Michel SABA

The Regional Center for Performing Arts in Africa (CERAV / Africa) is initiating from May 25 to 27, 2021 in Ouagadougou, a "regional workshop on the contribution of festivals to the development of the film industry and to the resilience of the culture sector. in Africa under the Covid-19 context ”. The meeting, which opened this morning, brings together experts, professionals and other managers of film festivals.

On the occasion of World Africa Day, which takes place every May 25, the Regional Center for the Performing Arts in Africa (CERAV / Africa) organized a 72-hour regional workshop to assess the contribution from festivals to the development of the film industry and the resilience of the culture sector in Africa in the context of Covid-19. Professionals and other festival managers in the film industry from around ten countries take part in this meeting. According to Michel Saba, General Delegate of CERAV / Africa, the workshop also brings together other participants from the culture sector and experts from five other continents. But the latter will intervene by videoconference.

"The objective, therefore, is to assess today the real contribution of these festivals to the development of the cinema industry and to the economy of culture at the level of the whole region", explained Michel. Saba. We will always hear about reviewing issues of governance, the very organization of festivals, and the contribution to the value chain of African cinema professions.

He nurtured the ambition to see at the end of the meeting, recommendations allowing the participants, over the next 5 or 10 years, to have a common vision on the strategies to be put in place by the politicians.

Also, this framework should make it possible to draw up action plans, the implementation of which can make a real contribution to festivals in the development of cinema in Africa. "We need to establish a real cinema industry in order to allow the cultural industries sector to contribute to the development of our continent", supported the General Delegate of CERAV / Africa.

"Ouagadougou remains and remains the capital of African cinema"

For the Minister of Culture, Arts and Tourism, Foniyama Elise Ilboudo / Thiombiano, the concerns that are the basis of this meeting in Ouagadougou find their deep justifications in the search for effective responses for the revival and / or development of national cinematography. They are facing a structural and sectoral crisis that continues and is aggravated by new scourges including Covid-19.

As a reminder, CERAV / Africa, based in Bobo-Dioulasso (Burkina Faso), is a category II center of UNESCO. It was created to provide a framework for a pole of expertise to States in the Africa region in the implementation of the 2005 convention on the promotion of the diversity of cultural expressions.

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