The organs of CERAV / Africa are: the Board of Directors, the Scientific and Cultural Council and the General Delegation.


As the supreme decision-making and orientation body, the Board of Directors is made up of ten (10) members appointed to the Council of Ministers and observer members:

Administrating Members:

  • one (1) representative of the Government of Burkina Faso from the Ministry of Culture;
  • three (3) members, each representing a Participating Member State having fulfilled the conditions of Article 4 of these Statutes and chosen according to a system of rotation;
  • one (1) representative of the Director-General of UNESCO;
  • three (3) members from regional organizations of cultural civil society, experts in the Center's areas of intervention:
  • performing arts, film and audiovisual, transversal actions for the promotion of cultural policies and industries;
  • a representative of the financial tutelage;
  • a representative of the staff of the Center.

see the list of administrators

Observer Members:

  • one (1) representative of the Burkinabe National Commission for UNESCO;
  • one (1) representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs;
  • the General Delegate of CERAV / Africa, who provides the secretariat;
  • three (03) technical directors
  • three (03) directors of financial and accounting administration (DAF, AC, CF);
  • one (1) representative of the General Directorate of Treasury and Public Accounting.


It is an advisory body composed of experts from the areas of intervention of CERAV / Africa and whose mission is to examine for proposals, important issues related to the programs of the Center upon decision of the Board of Directors or on recommendation of the Delegate General.

see the list of CSC members.


Executive body in charge of the management and implementation of the programs of the CERAV / Africa, the General Delegation is composed of the General Delegate, the technical directors and the directors of the financial administration as provided for in the statutes of the Public Institutions of the State (EPE) in Burkina Faso.

see the organization chart of CERAV / Africa