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Less than two months before the 3rd quadrennial periodic report (RPQ) on the 2005 UNESCO Convention went online, some of the members of the national team responsible for preparing the said report met from 10 to March 14, 2020 in Bobo-Dioulasso, at the headquarters of the Regional Center for the Performing Arts in Africa (CERAV / Africa) for the preparation of the first draft of the 3rd RPQ of Burkina Faso. Over forty policy measures and initiatives have been identified by the various working groups.

Scheduled to be online no later than April 31, the 3rd quadrennial periodic report (RPQ) was the subject of a residential workshop for the drafting of policies, measures and initiatives. For a week, part of the national team responsible for writing this report worked hard to achieve more convincing results that could gradually lead them to achieve their objectives. According to Mr. Désiré Ouédraogo, member of the UNESCO-EU international bank of experts, the objective of this workshop was to produce the first draft of the Burkina Faso RPQ.

And the participants can congratulate themselves on this, because after a week of work in Bobo-Dioulasso, the draft was finally drawn up and there are more than forty policy measures and initiatives that have been identified by the different groups of job.

From these results, there are 32 policy measures and initiatives adopted, defined and validated at the level of the different groups and 12 measures and initiatives selected at the level of civil society organizations.

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Les participants en plein travaux de groupe

For the Director General of Statistical and Sectoral Studies (DGESS), Mr. Salfo Ouédraogo who is also the contact point for the 2005 UNESCO Convention, this workshop was a remarkable success. However, the tree should not hide the forest because much remains to be done. "The work is not finished, it is done 2/3, there is a third of the work that will be done later in Ouagadougou so that Burkina is at the rendezvous of the submission of its quadrennial periodic report", he said.

After Bobo’s workshop, participants met in Ouagadougou for another workshop in late March to finalize the document. According to Mr. Ouedraogo, the document will be presented to a wide audience in a national validation workshop to collect the latest amendments before proceeding to put this 3rd PQP online, the date for submission to UNESCO being set at 30 next April.


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