The Delegate General of CERAV/Africa received in audience by the Minister of Communication, Culture, Arts and Tourism

Submitted by dougoutigui on Wed, 05/04/2022 - 09:29
Dakar Regional Workshop


As part of the preparation of the regional workshop on the management of cultural infrastructures in Africa, the General Delegate of CERAV/Africa was received in audience on Tuesday, April 03, 2022 by Mrs. Valérie Kaboré, Minister of Communication, Culture , Arts and Tourism. It was in the presence of the DIRCAB, Mr. Léopold Kaboré and the Secretary General, Mr. Aymar Sawadogo.

Among the questions raised, the question of the participation of Burkina Faso among the twenty countries expected and the signing of the act of accession of Senegal to CERAV/Africa. Thank you to the Minister and her first collaborators for this remarkable attention, and full success to the regional meeting of Dakar scheduled for May 16 to 18, as a prelude to the Biennial of Contemporary Art Dak'Art 2022'