CERAV / Africa: If we keep ourselves really

Submitted by cbadminc on Wed, 11/08/2017 - 13:33

Inaugurated in very regrettable conditions, increased delay of the Prime Minister Paul KabaThieba, I am afraid that the culture is again the last concerns of this government. This neglect of culture makes me very sad.

Seeing a whole parterre of men of culture, guarantors of tradition, octogenarians kneaded knowledge poiroter for 4 hours under a shed in an execrable heat, I wonder how important it will be granted to this Regional Center for the Arts Live in Africa (CERAV / Africa)? Fortunately, Tahirou Barry has calmed our hearts while showing a reassuring optimism about the success of this project which is in line with the protection and promotion of the diversity of cultural expressions.

Let's talk about it! This desire to offer our continent a support structure for the implementation of the 2005 Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions and especially specialized in the promotion of the performing arts as well as cinema and cinema. audiovisual, can only be operational thanks to the will of our States. It is desirable that this cooperation is not just institutional but especially financial. The presence of such a center in my opinion, will overcome this notorious lack of exchange and communication between our states in the field of live arts (music, theater, dance, cinema and audiovisual). For example: a reliable channel for broadcasting African films could be put in place. This will allow us to no longer sell our films at city prices on TV channels around the world. Some sort of regulation of the exploitation of the living arts could be put in place. A reliable plan for broadcasting dance, music and theater shows ..

Nowadays, with the all-embracing presence of new technologies, the promotion, dissemination, protection, management and production of the living arts in Africa is a shambles.

The reason why, in my opinion, the CERAV / Africa is emerging is above all: to protect and promote cultural diversity. Minister Barry in his remarks said this in essence "... To develop sustainably, our peoples need to build on the foundation of a culture that humanizes us, that raises awareness and that leads us to lay the foundations for cohesion. national and international understanding. This national cohesion precisely also involves taking into account African states to inject money into this sector. Everything should not be limited to papers, speeches and inaugurations in great pomp. For example, the capacities of cultural actors and promoters need to be strengthened. A dignified and dynamic board of directors must be put in place. Especially that we do not find later in trouble or trick like the FEPACI in Ouagadougou or the BBDA. We would like to see a sincere, enterprising team set up, whose ambitions are only collective and not individual, based on transparency.

Stimulate interculturality in order to develop cultural interaction in a spirit of building bridges between peoples. This is a point in this CERAV / Africa that interests me particularly! Because it will enable dialogue and sharing of experiences in a pan-African way. A true cultural mix that will further strengthen ties. Strongly that it is effective!

In sum, the impressive presence of key players in our culture at the launch of CERAV / Africa demonstrates the interest of this project. Never since a long time have I seen so many actors and monuments of our culture united. The living human treasures as a whole, led by Me Tintenga Pacéré. Teacher. Prosper Kompaoré (ATB), Ardiouma Soma (FESPACO), Ildevert Meda (CARTEL), Serges Aimé Coulibaly (Cpie Faso dance theater), Bara Walib, Smockey, Ousmane Boundaone, Ali Diallo, Télesphone Bationo, Michel Somé Bossofa, Kouyaté Family ...

All the harm that can be desired to the Regional Center for the Living Arts in Africa, is that it thrives in the missions assigned to it.

A thought to Prof Jean-Pierre Guingané that I would have liked him to be present.

Jabbar !