Strategic Plan 2017 2026


Political issues :

  • Ratification and compliance with the 2005 Convention;
  • The respect of the provisions of the Agreement concluded between UNESCO and the BF;
  • The establishment of a more informed governance of culture in Africa.

Sociocultural issues:

  • The development of research-action at CERAV / Africa and the strengthening of cultural identities;
  • The implementation on the continent of relevant cultural policies developed according to the spirit of the Convention.

Economic issues :

  • The development of the living arts, cinema and audiovisual.


Major challenges:

  • Strengthening the institutional anchoring of CERAV / Africa in Burkina Faso, in the Africa Region and internationally;
  • The development of exchanges and technical and financial partnerships with subregional, regional and international institutions;
  • The development and regular use of African expertise on the 2005 Convention through the operationalization of an effective Resource Center;
  • Adopting an effective approach to support African States in developing relevant public policies and monitoring / evaluation of the 2005 Convention;
  • Strengthening the capacities and expertise of public, private and CSO actors in the live arts, cinema and audiovisual sectors through training, experience sharing, consultation and networking.