2018 work program

Major activities of the CERAV / Africa 2018 work program:

  • Organize statutory sessions of the organs of the Center (Board of Trustees, Scientific and Cultural Council);
  • Implement the new work program with the Observatoire des Politiques Culturelles (OPC) of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation;
  • Establish conventions or partnership agreements with organizations / institutions active in the field of culture in Africa (including those involved in cultural training and research);
  • Participate in major meetings of the regional and international cultural agenda;
  • Organize a regional workshop on the contribution of festivals to the promotion of the film industry in Africa (in Morocco);
  • Co-organize a conference on the economics of performing arts at the 10th edition of the African Performing Arts Market (MASA 2018);
  • Design an interactive database of cultural operators, institutions and enterprises in the field of the living arts in Africa, based on a mapping of these categories of actors;
  • Officially launch the Resource Center and CERAV / Africa website during the 19th edition of National Culture Week (SNC 2018);
  • Organize technical assistance missions to African States for the elaboration of their PQPs on the 2005 Convention;
  • Organize a high-level workshop for the training of trainers for the benefit of the pool of African experts of the African experts of the 2005 Convention;
  • Organize a methodological seminar to develop a tool for monitoring the implementation of the 2005 Convention in the Africa region in collaboration with the OPC.